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제목 2024년 청정에너지 발전 현황 및 핵심기술(태양력, 풍력, 원자력, 전기차, 열 펌프, 수소 전기분해 장치 등 6가지 분야)
등록자 KBCSD 등록일 2024.04.03
첨부파일 Clean Energy Market Monitor-March 2024.pdf (2.2 MB)  

Clean energy is growing rapidly, as annual deployment of a number of key technologies has surged ahead in recent years driven by policy support and continued cost declines. Their growth is starting to make a dent on emissions and reshape energy markets.


This report aims to fill a gap by providing a timely, high-level overview of clean energy technology deployment for 2023 for a selected group of technologies. It is intended to be the first in a series, bringing together the most recent trends for a group of key clean energy technologies and assessing the implications for energy markets more broadly. It is not intended to be a comprehensive tracking exercise or to provide detailed analysis by technology.


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첨부파일 : Clean Energy Market Monitor-March 2024.pdf

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