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등록자 KBCSD 등록일 2023.09.26
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Urgent emissions reduction is a must. But achieving net zero by 2050 demands more it requires additional carbon dioxide removal (CDR) from the atmosphere.

Despite the advancements in carbon removals, many businesses are still unsure about the reasons to invest in CDR and are seeking direction on how traditional land-based and innovative technological approaches could fit into their climate action plans.

This business guide provides practical direction for sustainability professionals to develop effective CDR investment strategies. It outlines seven key principles for responsible CDR investments and a decision-making framework empowering companies to evaluate different CDR methods based on company-specific preferences. A complementary excel tool is provided to help companies tailor their own assessments.

Explore the guide to discover a range of promising CDR methods and learn how to proactively plan a diverse portfolio of both nature-based and technological methods, to maximize benefits and minimize risks.


첨부파일: Removing carbon responsibly_A guide for business on carbon removal adoption.pdf

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